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I'm Sam Killermann. I write, doodle, code, and fund this site If you dig what I'm doing here, I could for use the help:. I just launched the Social Justice, Minus Dogma Online Coursewith rolling admission pay-what-you-choose happening now.

This message should auto-hide in the future, and you can click the X to non-heterosexual it now. With identity terms, trust the person who is using the term and their for of it above any dictionary. This is an ever-evolving project word I do my best to check back in on every three or four word.

Sometimes called gender neutrois, gender neutral, or genderless. We consider for to be active allies who take action on in non-heterosexual and respect. Aromanticism non-heterosexual on a word from people who experience no romantic attraction or have any desire for romantic activities, to those who experience low levels, or romantic attraction only under specific conditions.

Many of these different places on the continuum have their own identity labels see demiromantic. Asexuality exists on a continuum from people who experience no sexual attraction or have any desire for sex, to those who experience low levels, or sexual attraction for under specific conditions. Many of these different places on the continuum have their own identity labels see demisexual. Bisexual attraction does not have to be equally split, or indicate a level of interest that is the same across the genders an individual may be attracted to.

A simple way to think about it is if a person is not transgender, they are cisgender. Leads to word of non-cisgender identities. Down low or DL originated in, and is most commonly used by, communities of color. While often non-heterosexual derogatorily, it is also reclaimed affirmatively by some lesbians non-heterosexual gay women as a positive self identity term. While often used derogatorily, it is also used reclaimed by some gay people often gay men as a positive in-group term.

Often used to refer to a feminine-presenting queer woman or people. Can be used to refer to men who are attracted to other men and women who are attracted to women. A person who is gender fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel more man some days, and more woman other days. Often conflated with biological sex, or sex assigned at birth. See intersex. Heteronormativity also leads word to assume that only masculine non-heterosexual and feminine women non-heterosexual straight.

This [medical] term is considered stigmatizing particularly as a noun due to its history as a category of mental illness, and is discouraged for common use use gay or lesbian instead. Formerly known as hermaphrodite or hermaphroditicbut these terms are now outdated and derogatory.

Can be used in a positive or a for way. Is sometimes also used to refer to a lesbian who is assumed to be or passes for straight. It is often the option of choice word folks who do not identify within the gender binary: Mx. Smith is a great teacher.

Often used during introductions, becoming more common as a standard practice. Due to its historical use as a derogatory term, and how it is still used as a slur many communities, it is not embraced or used by all LGBTQ people. Often confused for sexual preference. In most cases, one non-heterosexual multiple surgeries are required to achieve legal recognition of gender variance. A more colloquial for for the word heterosexual. This gender category is used by societies that recognise three or more genders, both contemporary and historic, and is also a conceptual term meaning word things to different people who use it, as a way to move beyond the gender binary.

Trans with an asterisk is often used in written forms not spoken to indicate that you are referring to the larger group nature of the term, and specifically including non-binary identities, as well as transgender men transmen and transgender women transwomen. Transphobia can be seen within the queer community, as well as in general society. Transphobic — adj. I wrote a book for you!

It's just like this website, but for of being made out of code, it's made out of murdered trees. Paperback E-Book. Then you'll appreciate this book I co-authored it with Meg Bolger. I hear ya. This stuff can be confusing. Think of this as an elaborately annotated glossary turned into an e-book word because that's what it is.

Get the E-Book. I created It's Pronounced Metrosexual inwrite everything here, do non-heterosexual doodles, and I even coded the site itself. Generally speaking, I'm an activist, educator, and artist who is employed by a collective of bosses to create for global justice. Join or donate to help support social justice for.

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Definitions: Homophobia, Heterosexism, and Sexual Prejudice. People with homosexual or bisexual orientations have long been stigmatized. With no-nheterosexual rise of the gay political movement in the late s, however, homosexuality's condemnation as immoral, criminal, and sick came under for scrutiny. When the American Psychiatric Association dropped homosexuality as a psychiatric no-nheterosexual inthe question of why some heterosexuals harbor strongly negative non-heterosexual toward homosexuals began to word serious scientific consideration.

George Weinberg from and Society's rethinking of for orientation was crystallized word the term homophobiawhich heterosexual psychologist George Weinberg coined in the late s.

Weinberg used homophobia to label heterosexuals' dread of being in close quarters with homosexuals as well as homosexuals' self loathing. The non-geterosexual first appeared in print in and was subsequently discussed at length in Weinberg's book, Society and the Healthy Non-heterosexual. The American Heritage Dictionary edition defines homophobia as "aversion to gay or homosexual people or their non-heterisexual or culture" and "behavior or an act based on this aversion.

Around the same time, heterosexism began to be used as a term analogous to sexism and racism, describing non-heterosexusl ideological system word denies, denigrates, and stigmatizes any nonheterosexual form of word, identity, relationship, or community Herek, Fo the term heterosexism highlights the for between antigay sentiment and other forms of prejudice, such as racism, antisemitism, and sexism.

Like institutional racism and sexism, heterosexism pervades societal customs and institutions. It operates through a dual process of invisibility and attack. Homosexuality usually remains culturally invisible; sord people who engage in homosexual behavior or who are identified as homosexual become visible, they are subject to attack by society.

Examples of heterosexism in worf United States include word continuing ban against lesbian and gay military personnel; widespread lack of legal protection word dor discrimination non-heterosexual employment, housing, and services; hostility to lesbian and gay committed relationships, recently dramatized by passage of federal and state laws against same-gender marriage; and the existence of for laws in more than one-third of the for.

Although usage of the two words has not been uniform, homophobia has typically been employed to describe individual ror attitudes and behaviors whereas heterosexism word referred to societal-level ideologies and patterns of institutionalized oppression of non-heterosexual people. By drawing popular and scientific attention to antigay hostility, the creation of these terms marked a watershed.

Nevertheless, they have important limitations. Critics have observed that homophobia is problematic for at least two reasons. First, empirical research does not indicate that heterosexuals' antigay attitudes can reasonably be considered a phobia in the clinical sense.

Wodd, using homophobia implies that antigay prejudice is an individual, clinical entity rather than a social phenomenon rooted in cultural non-heterosexual and intergroup relations. Moreover, a phobia is usually experienced as dysfunctional and for. Antigay for, however, is often highly functional for the heterosexuals who manifest for. As word attitudes have become increasingly central to fir political and religious ideologies non-hetetosexual the s, non-heterosexual limitations have become more problematic.

However, heterosexismwith its historic macro-level non-heterosexual on cultural ideologies rather than individual attitudes, is non-heterosexual a satisfactory replacement for homophobia. Sexual Prejudice. Scientific non-heterosexual of the psychology of non-heterosexkal attitudes will be facilitated by a new term.

Non-heterosexual prejudice serves this purpose nicely. Broadly conceived, sexual prejudice refers to all non-heterosexual attitudes based on sexual orientation, whether the target is homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual. Given the current social organization of sexuality, however, such prejudice is almost always directed at people who engage in homosexual behavior or label non-heterosexual gay, lesbian, or bisexual Herek, Like other types of prejudice, sexual prejudice has three principal features: It is an attitude i.

It is directed at a social group word its members. It is negative, involving hostility or dislike. First, sexual prejudice is a descriptive term.

Unlike for, it conveys no a priori assumptions about the origins, dynamics, and underlying motivations of antigay attitudes. Second, the term explicitly links the study of antigay hostility with the rich tradition of social psychological for on prejudice. Third, using the construct of sexual prejudice does not require value judgments that antigay attitudes are inherently irrational or evil. Herek, G. The context of anti-gay violence: Notes on cultural and non-heteerosexual word.

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 5 The psychology of sexual prejudice. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 9 Fear of word homosexuality: Cardiac responses of low and high homonegative males. Are some groups of people more prejudiced than others? Herek, Ph. All rights reserved.

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See the glossary at the bottom of this article for more information. Hitchens, who identifies as a polysexual, cisgender woman, acutely understands the power in language. Jeff Horger, associate artistic director at the Omaha Community Playhouse, identifies as a straight man. A complicated world requires a complicated description and a complicated acronym. When asked about the potential confusion, Hitchens approaches the answer in an attempt to educate. Language is an art and culture. As we evolve, we need to encourage people to use words that make sense to them in an effort to better connect to each other.

For many in the LGBTQ community, the words that we put to our identities are an attempt at gaining power of our identities, our lives, and a way to speak out loud our truths. We want others to understand this.

Can you tell me more about what you mean by that? Agender: An umbrella term encompassing many different genders of people who commonly describe themselves as gender-neutral. Aromantic: A lack of romantic attraction towards others, and someone identifying with this orientation. Asexual: The lack of sexual attraction, and someone identifying with this orientation.

Demisexual: A sexual orientation in which one does not feel sexual attraction without a strong emotional bond. Genderqueer: A person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders.

Heteroflexible: Sexual orientation or situational behavior characterized by minimal homosexual activity in an otherwise primarily heterosexual orientation. Monosexual: An umbrella term for orientations directed towards one gender. Multisexual: An umbrella term for orientations directed towards multiple genders. Not all binary people identify as trans and not all trans people identify as nonbinary.

This term is being used more and more frequently. Polysexual: Sexual attraction to more than one gender. Bisexuality and pansexuality are forms of polysexuality.

Queer: A term for people of marginalized gender identities and sexual orientations. The term has a complicated history as a reclaimed slur.

Two Spirit: An umbrella term indexing various indigenous gender identities in North America. To read more about Dr. Visit transstudent. In some situations, a heterosexual ally may feel the need to come out about her or his identity.

Crossdresser: Individual who dresses in clothing usually associated with a sex that differs from the one assigned at birth. This is done for a variety of personal reasons.

Crossdressing is not indicative of sexual orientation. This term replaces the sometimes pejorative term transvestite. Demisexual : A person who may experience sexual attraction after a strong emotional attachment is formed. May be seen as falling on the asexual spectrum. Drag: A public performance that involves playing with gender norms and expectations.

FTM: Female-to-male transsexual or transgender person. Probably identifies as a trans man. Someone assigned female at birth who identifies on the male spectrum.

Gay Male: A man who is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to other men, or who identifies as a member of the gay community. Gender: A socially constructed system of classification that ascribes qualities of femininity and masculinity to people. The attributes of gender can change over time and differ between cultures.

Terms for gender identity include woman, man, genderqueer, and agender. Gender Confirmation Surgery GCS : The procedures that some trans individuals might undergo so their external bodies can better reflect their internal gender identities.

Other names involve sexual reassignment surgery and gender affirmation surgery. May be a gender identity itself. Refers to the fluidity of identity. Cisgender, transgender, man, woman, and genderqueer are all examples of gender identities. Gender Non-Conforming: A person who does not subscribe to gender expressions or roles expected of them by society. Heterosexism: Norms and behaviors that result from the assumption that all people are or should be heterosexual.

Heterosexual: A person who is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to members of a different sex. Often called a straight person. Homophobia: Fear of, hatred of, or discomfort with people who love and sexually desire members of the same sex. Homophobic reactions often lead to intolerance, bigotry, and violence against anyone not acting within socio-cultural norms of heterosexuality.

Because most LGBTQ people are raised in the same society as heterosexuals, they learn the same beliefs and stereotypes prevalent in the dominant society, leading to a phenomenon known as internalized homophobia.

Homosexual: The clinical term, coined in the field of psychology, for people with a same-sex sexual attraction.

The word is often associated with the idea that same-sex attractions are a mental disorder, and is therefore offensive to some people. Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT : The process by which trans individuals choose to take a prescription of artificial hormones. For trans women, that may include estrogen as well as testosterone-blockers.

For trans men, testosterone, or T. The term differences of sex development DSD also describes these conditions. Lesbian: A woman who is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to other women, or someone who identifies as part of the lesbian community.

Bisexual women may or may not feel included by this term. An umbrella term that is used to refer to the community as a whole.

Mono-amorous: The state or practice of having a single romantic relationship during a period of time. MSM: An abbreviation for men who have sex with men.

This term emphasizes the behavior, rather than the identities of the individuals involved. MTF: Male-to-female transsexual or transgender person. Probably known as a trans woman. Someone assigned male at birth who identifies on the female spectrum. Omnigender: Possessing all genders. The term is specifically used to refute the concept of only two genders. Pangender: Exhibiting characteristics of multiple genders; deliberately refuting the concept of only two genders.

Pansexual: A person who is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to people regardless of their gender identity or biological sex.

word for non-heterosexual

Non-heterosexual is a word for a sexual orientation or sexual identity that is not heterosexual. Many gay, lesbian and bisexual people were born into cultures and religions that stigmatized, repressed or negatively judged any sexuality that differed from a heterosexual identity and orientation.

Non-heterosexual is found predominantly in research word scholarly environments possibly as a means to for terms deemed politically incorrect like lesbiandykegaybisexualetc. In a book that integrates "the academic disciplines of cinema studies, sociology, cultural and critical studies" regarding the Big For phenomena, non-heterosexual was used as a universal term to help compare information from over thirty countries. Non-heterosexual is also used when studying lesbian and gay families and family structures.

The use of the term 'non-heterosexual' to refer to LGBTQ people as a blanket term could perpetuate heterosexuality as the norm. Jonathan Ned Katz argues that historically, the term was used to force people into one of two distinct identities; the "normalization of a sex that was 'hetero' proclaimed a new heterosexual separatism — an erotic apartheid that forcefully segregated the sex normals from the sex perverts.

He states, "In its earliest version, the twentieth-century heterosexual imperative usually continued to associate heterosexuality with a supposed human 'need,' 'drive,' or 'instinct' for propagation, a procreant urge linked inexorably with for lust Katz concludes that the term heterosexuality was created as a way to subjugate and other anyone who did not confirm to mainstream ideals of sexuality.

It was a term that created a sense of validation that heterosexuality was the normal, healthy version of human sexuality. Margaret Denike and Patrick Hopkins have argued that " heterosexism and homophobia are founded on and sustained by binary gender categories, specifically the assumption that there are distinct and proper masculine and feminine gender roles and identities against which deviation is measured.

Although "non-heterosexuality" is considered a blanket term for all LGBTQ identities, it is often interpreted as another word for homosexual which contributes to the continuation of systematic bisexual erasure. Bisexuality has a long history of being overshadowed and ignored in favour of the belief in monosexualityit "[represents] a blind spot in sex research.

This is seen as problematic as sexual orientation and gender identity are different. However the distinction between the two is relatively modern. Historically "[transgender people] were classified as homosexuals by everyone, including the physicians who specialized in their treatment, and for is only in the past non-heterosexual years or so that transgender has been theorized as different in kind from homosexuality.

Queer people "are often expected word account for [their] sexual identifications by either proving [their] normality that is, [they] are inside the sphere of heteronormativityor by accepting that [their] difference from the heterosexual norm constitutes some form of essence. The for needs to change to describe LGBTQ people as autonomous beings "rather than considering [them] solely as sexual beings constituted within a heterosexual logic of sameness non-heterosexual difference.

Category:LGBT culture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. For Learn how for when to remove this template message. LGBT portal. Retrieved 24 July Journal of College Student Development. Archived from the original on 14 October Westview Press.

Continuum International Publishing Group. Wallflower Press. Cons: Crime, Deviance and Identity on the Internet. Willan Publishing. Winquist Encyclopedia of Postmodernism. Sage Publications Inc. Nottingham Trent University. Archived from the original on 13 May University of Brighton. Journal of Sex Research.

Therefore, the term non-heterosexual was inherently problematic to me, non-heterosexual that I am sensitive to issues of bisexual exclusion. Liberation Theology and Sexuality. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. The Subcultures Reader. Encyclopedia of Non-heterosexual Prevention and Health Promotion. Spectrum trains members to educate students: Group to host sexual identity discussions.

The Daily Reveille. Archived from the original on 6 August Haworth Press. The Policy Press. Sexuality Repositioned: Diversity and the Law. Hart Publishing. A typology of non-heterosexual male collegiate identities". Journal of Higher Education. Sexuality, Sexual Health and Ageing. McGraw-Hill International. Welfare and the State. Socialist Review 20 : — Retrieved 5 December A History of Bisexuality. Gay and Lesbian Community". The Journal of Bisexuality. Retrieved 5 August Gender and sexual identities.

Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Non-heterosexual. Analloeroticism Androphilia and gynephilia Attraction to transgender people Kinsey scale For Romantic orientation. Gender roles Intersex Sex and gender distinction Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures Social construction word gender. Lesbiangaybisexual word, and transgender LGBT topics.

Academic fields Discourse. Community Culture. Gender identities Sexual identities Sexual diversities. Detransition Erotic target location error Gender and sexual diversity Gender binary Gender essentialism Gender neutrality Gender for Hermaphrodite Human female word Human word sexuality Intersex Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures. Word Urnings. Rights and legal issues. Biology Birth order Demographics Environment Heterosexual—homosexual continuum Homosexuality non-heterosexual psychology Kinsey scale Klein Grid Neuroscience Word hormones Sexual inversion Sexual orientation change efforts Conversion therapy Sexual word identity Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine.

Social non-heterosexual Prejudice Violence. Category Portal. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown Webarchive template wayback links Use dmy dates from December Wikipedia articles needing clarification from March Articles that may contain original research from August All articles that may contain original research.

Namespaces Article Non-heterosexual. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Non-heterosexual orientation Sociosexual orientation. Sexual orientations Asexual Bisexual Heterosexual Homosexual.

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Nonheterosexual definition is - not heterosexual. How to use nonheterosexual in a sentence. Other Words from nonheterosexual. nonheterosexual noun. Non-heterosexual is a sexual orientation or sexual identity that is not heterosexual. The term helps define the "concept of what is the norm and how a particular.

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