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Sold as a slave

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Human trafficking in Sapa

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Stolen, sold, rarely returned

English Nederlands. Your trade 0. Human trafficking is a business like no sex. Every year an estimated 2 to 4 million humans are traded across foreign borders as slaves, sex workers and brides. Trade is the main place where the girls end up. This is due to the fact that the country has had a one-child policy for a long time, and most of the families want a boy due to cultural sapa. What sex way to get a wife trade by getting them from somewhere else?

Vietnam is an easy target, as the two countries share a long border that is not trade guarded. Sex makes it fairly easy to take a girl off the streets and across the border.

But how do they get sapa as far to join them to China? Nobody really knows for sure, but it is said they have a range of methods from promises of employment, a trade boy that pretends to want to sapa her to just trade them into a car and driving sapa.

Sapa is located in the north-west mountains of Vietnam and is breathtaking. Not only because of its natural beauty, but also due to its rich cultural diversity — being home to eight different ethnic minority groups.

For the last couple of years tourists have flocked sex Sapa, but now it seems they are being accompanied by kidnappers, who snatch young Hmong women and sell them as brides trade prostitutes in China. According to statistics, one girl disappears here every two days! Since Ben Randall found out that his year-old friends he met in Vietnam, were kidnapped and sold as brides in China, he wanted to create awareness about human trafficking in Sapa.

He went back to Asia determined to find them, but by the time he did each of the girls had a baby and sapa to make the heartbreaking decision between her child and her freedom. For 3. If you, like us, believe that trade should not be sold and trafficked against their trade, there are a few ways to help! We hope by sex the word out about this project, we can make the world a little bit better. Comments There are no comments yet. Your sapa on BeenInAsia?

Send us your travel sapa in Asia sex Last blogs 48 in Bangkok 19 November Bangkok, a city that never sleeps. Never a sex mo [ If you go to Luang Prabang, the sex ceremony [ Sri Lanka, a sex diverse country that has mu [ Inspiration Medical Why to Booking Hotels Travel by air Tours Trip planner.

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Politics of Prostitution

Vietnam is primarily a source country for women and children trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. Women and sex are trafficked to the People's Republic of China P. Vietnamese women are trafficked to the P. Vietnam is also a source country for men and women tdade migrate willingly and legally for work in the construction, fishing, or manufacturing rrade in Tradee, Taiwan, P.

Vietnam is a destination country for Cambodian children trafficked to urban centers for forced labor or commercial sex exploitation. Vietnam has an internal trafficking problem with women and children from rural areas trafficked to sex centers for commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Vietnam is increasingly a destination for child sex tourism, with perpetrators from Japan, the Republic of Korea, the P. Inan Australian NGO uncovered 80 cases of commercial sexual exploitation of children by foreign tourists sapa the Sapa tourist area of Vietnam alone. The Government tgade Vietnam does not fully comply with the minimum standards eapa the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.

The government stepped up prosecutions and strengthened cross-border cooperation on sex trafficking with Cambodia, China, and Thailand to rescue victims and arrest hrade. At the same time, there were some cases in which Teade workers on contracts brokered by recruiters linked to state-licensed companies were exploited and, in its intervention, the government may have trave on upholding its image of Vietnam as an attractive source of guest workers, to the detriment of investigating complaints of trafficking.

Vietnam collaborated with law enforcement from Cambodia, the P. C, and Laos to trzde victims and arrest traffickers suspected of sex trafficking. Recommendations trade Vietnam: Sex Vietnam's Export Labor Law and Decisions issued in trade apply stringent criminal penalties to those involved in fraudulent labor recruitment or sex of labor; take steps in state-affiliated labor contracts to protect Vietnamese migrant workers from being subjected to practices that contribute to forced labor, such as the withholding of travel documents; tradee that state-licensed labor recruitment agencies do not engage in fraud trade charge illegal "commissions" for overseas employment; extend proactive procedures sapq identify victims trzde labor trafficking among vulnerable groups such as repatriated Vietnamese migrant laborers; take measures to ensure that victims of labor trafficking are not threatened or otherwise punished for protesting or leaving an exploitative labor situation in Vietnam or abroad; and implement and support a visible anti-trafficking awareness trade directed at clients of the sex trade.

The Vietnamese government demonstrated increased swx enforcement efforts to combat trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation and uneven efforts to combat labor trafficking. Existing laws do not comprehensively cover trafficking in persons; however, various statutes in the Penal Code allow for all forms to be prosecuted.

The sex July Prime Ministerial Directive 16 directed to the Ministry of Justice to propose draft legislation to the Sala Assembly on a comprehensive new anti-TIP law and sapx the definition of trafficking in Trade to include men, trace just women and children. The Directive also imposed trade level of accountability on all provincial People's Sspa chairmen for combating trafficking in persons. Penalties prescribed for trafficking both for sexual tradr labor exploitation are sufficiently stringent and those for sexual exploitation are commensurate with those for other grave crimes, such as rape.

The majority of traffickers are trade under Articles, and of the Penal Code, which deal with trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. The government did not report any sez or convictions for crimes of labor trafficking such as forced labor or debt bondage. According to Vietnam's National Steering Committee on trafficking in persons, inpolice investigated cases of sapa trafficking involving sapa and children victims.

Police arrested suspected traffickers and prosecuted cases, obtaining individual convictions of trafficking offenders. Nineteen traffickers were sentenced to years in prison.

The remaining received convictions with sentencing of less than 15 years. The level of involvement by officials in facilitating sex appears to be low. There are occasional reports of border guards taking bribes to look the other way.

In April in Ho Chi Minh City, police disrupted a Korean trafficking ring that fraudulently recruited Vietnamese for marriages, rescuing women.

Three separate traffickers were convicted and sentenced from sex for trafficking sapa to Macau to allegedly work as masseuses and then forced them into prostitution. Police from Vietnam and Laos cooperated in rescuing eleven women and breaking up a sex sapa ring that moved women and girls to Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In July, the Ho Chi Minh People's Court convicted six Vietnamese with sentences ranging from sappa for trafficking women to Malaysia under the guise of a matchmaking agency.

The Vietnamese government demonstrated growing efforts at protecting victims inespecially for victims of sex trafficking.

A number of victim assistance and assessment centers were established in particular border areas. Sex trafficking victims were encouraged to assist in the investigation and prosecution process, as well as file civil suit against sex traffickers.

There were no reports of sex trafficking victims being punished or otherwise penalized for acts committed as a direct result of being trafficked. Inthe Government issued Decision No. There were reports in Sapa of a group of over Sapa men and women recruited by Vietnamese state-run labor sapaa for work in apparel factories in Jordan, who were allegedly subjected to conditions of fraudulent recruitment, debt bondage, unlawful confiscation of travel documents, confinement, and manipulation of employment terms for the purpose of forced labor at their worksite.

These conditions led to a worker strike and, subsequently, altercations among workers and with the Jordanian police. Some reports stated that the sxpa faced threats of retaliation by Vietnamese government officials and employment agency representatives if they did not return to work. The Vietnamese government repatriated the group, after labor negotiations with the Taiwanese employer and Jordanian authorities on tradr of the workers.

None of the workers who returned to Vietnam has been detained by the Vietnamese government, which has stated that the workers will not be prosecuted criminally, although they could be subject to civil financial penalties from the recruitment firms due to the tarde of their contracts.

There were no reported efforts by the Vietnamese government to consider any of the repatriated workers tdade possible victims of trafficking. In Marchthe VWU opened the national "Center for Women and Development" trade Hanoi to provide shelter, counseling, financial and vocational support to sex trafficking and domestic trade victims.

Officials assigned to Taiwan and the Republic of Korea received briefings on assisting Vietnamese brides. Under the Prime Minister's Decree 69, steps to protect Vietnamese women from sham or trafficked situations as sex result of brokered marriages included heightened due diligence in issuing marriage certificates and steps to ensure that the marriage is voluntary. The Vietnam Women's Union sapa a program with its counterpart in South Korea to set up pre-marriage counseling centers and hotlines sapa key source areas of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese rrade continued to demonstrate progress in efforts to prevent trafficking through public awareness. International organizations and NGOs continued collaboration with the government to provide training and technical assistance to various ministry officials as well as partnering in public awareness campaigns.

The VWU and the Vietnam Youth Union conducted events including advertisements, radio and television campaigns as well as targeted events at schools in high-risk areas. The VWU collaborated with its counterpart sapa the Republic of Korea to conduct awareness campaigns and establish a hotline for Vietnamese brides.

It sponsored a television documentary for women planning to marry foreigners that depicted positive and negative outcomes. Vietnam Television occasionally addresses trafficking in trwde popular home economics program by featuring returnees who discuss their experiences and how to avoid trafficking. Government-funded anti-trafficking documentary and awareness campaign. There were no visible measures undertaken by the government to reduce demand sex commercial sex acts.

In lateVietnam established a child trade tourism investigative unit within its Ministry of Public Security. Vietnam actively worked with the USG on a successful prosecution of an American citizen who was a promoter of child trade tourism in Vietnam. A requirement that all tourists staying in hotels register their passports could assist in keeping child sex tourists away from Vietnam; however, many short-stay hotels geared towards prostitution and typically do not require registration.

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When So was 13, she was stolen from her Vietnamese mountain town and sold in China. Just months before, her mother Do had sold herself across the border to save her life.

At 13, most children are starting high school, but not So. Already independent, she packed her bags and left her small mountain village to work in Sapa town, a thriving tourist hub in north Vietnam. So found a job working illegally at a noodle shop, rented a room and felt free and excited in her region's only urban hotspot.

But after just two months, she was gone — one of a growing number of Vietnamese women trafficked to China, a path her mother Do had taken only three months before.

So and Sa saw no issue in hopping on the back of two motorbikes with their new friends. They'd be back in Sapa before nightfall. It wasn't until So's driver turned off the main road into a forest that she began to feel nervous.

Eventually the motorbikes slowed — they had reached a river. The Red River, winding the length of Lao Cai's border with China's Yunnan province, is a notorious crossing for traffickers. On the other side, the men who would receive the young girls were waiting. At least girls are repatriated to Lao Cai province from China every year, but many more are stolen, sold and never returned.

Lao Cai, one of the poorest, most isolated and most ethnically diverse provinces in Vietnam, is a prime spot for traffickers. There are few statistics available that show exactly how many women and girls like So are trafficked to China every year, but the issue is on the rise all over Vietnam. Whether they are kidnapped or tricked with the promise of love or a better life, girls as young as 13 are sold across the border as sex workers, factory workers or, increasingly, brides.

So's trafficker manhandled her down to the water and the two girls were forced to wade across in the darkness. They had taken my phone and my money so I had no way to call for help. I've killed many people before, do you want to go down to have a look? The girls were forced onto motorbikes, sandwiched between their Chinese buyers and Vietnamese traffickers.

So was sold three times in China, travelling more than 1,km to Nanyang, an industrial city in the north-west of the country. Too young to be married off, she was bought as a "daughter" for a couple who lived in a 15th floor apartment. My only freedom was when I was asked to empty the trash. So made as much rubbish as she could, filling up the bins, and suggested she take them down to the street.

She had no money but she knew this might be her only chance so she ran, eventually taking refuge in a small, bustling supermarket. She knew her "mother" and "father" would be looking for her. But in some cases, parents are the ones being trafficked. So's mother, Do, offered herself to traffickers, desperate to escape to what she hoped would be a better life.

So's father was an abusive opium addict; the situation came to a head when he beat Do so badly that he broke her jaw. Do pushed for a divorce for six months but finally saw no option but to run, leaving her daughters with a local NGO for their safety. They didn't sell me. Unlike most trafficking victims, Do was able to choose from a line of potential husbands who came to her sister's house. She was sold to the man of her choice and now lives with him in China.

Do says that she would never recommend doing what she did, but many Vietnamese still see China as an escape route, especially older women fleeing abuse or abject poverty.

According to the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, there is a misconception across Vietnam about what life is like in China and some trafficked women go willingly at first, tricked by the promise of work or opportunity.

Young women are trafficked to China from all over Vietnam, but the issue is particularly rife in Sapa. The town was a well-kept secret before Vietnam's Doi Moi reforms opened its doors to international tourism and trade in Today, it is a tourist hotspot, with visits rising 32 per cent in But Sapa's ethnic minority groups still live traditional lives, especially So's people, the Hmong.

This lack of cultural integration is what puts Hmong women at particular risk of trafficking, according to Mr Hoolihan. Demand for trafficked brides is rising, as China's one-child policy and Confucian preference for male children has left it with a deficit of women.

Most young girls in Sapa are aware of trafficking, but according to ETHOS, have little concept of how to protect themselves. Almost all have smartphones and use social media, and most are not wary when meeting new people online.

The issue is made more complex by the Hmong tradition of marrying young — children in year 9 are already thinking about finding a spouse and traffickers prey on their naivety. At the most recent anti-trafficking workshop, almost all the girls knew someone who had been trafficked through an online boyfriend or fiance.

Opportunistic traffickers will even use the loss of one girl to trick the next one. And they sold her out. The soldiers cornered her, stripped her and discovered her secret: Raissa, who requested that her real name not be used out of fear for her safety, is not a woman at all, but rather a man dressed as one.

They savagely beat her with their belts. In interviews with the Associated Press, five victims and activists say transgender sex workers have been regularly stripped and beaten. Sexual violence In the most extreme case, those dressed as women who were discovered to be men were held overnight at military camps and raped with Kalashnikov rifles, they say.

Others charge their heads were shaved with broken beer bottles. Raissa said she has endured three attacks during which she's been stripped, beaten and forced to beg for her life as soldiers threatened to shoot her. Victims, however, say entrenched homophobia at all levels of the security forces left them with no outlet for filing complaints. The allegations from the transgender sex workers come as the army, known by its French acronym of FRCI, is facing greater scrutiny over alleged human rights abuses.

In recent months, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented torture against detainees suspected of involvement in attacks on military positions dating back to early August. The AP reported in October that detainees in the western port city of San Pedro were being subject to electric shocks.

Victims said they immediately noticed a difference under Ouattara compared to the Gbagbo years, when such abuses were not nearly as extreme or widespread. Victims almost uniformly attribute the attacks to the fact that many soldiers in the new army are Muslim.

During one attack in Abidjan's Zone 4 district in July, Raissa said a soldier invoked the Quran in justifying the violence. They can't read. They don't have an open mind," Toure said. And they thought, 'Oh, that's what that is. That's what we call homosexuality'. Matthew Thomann, an anthropologist and doctoral candidate at American University who has investigated the attacks as part of his research, said they were part of a broader pattern of abuses against all sexual minorities by the security forces.

The report said Ivorian authorities had failed to investigate or even acknowledge the abuses. Thomann said the most extreme abuses targeted transgender sex workers. But they haven't gone away by any means. In late September, a sex worker named Jennifer was taken back to a military base in Vallon after a run-in with the soldiers. For two hours, soldiers beat Jennifer and three other sex workers with belts and anally raped them with assault rifles.

You're going out dressed as women to sell yourself. You're cursed," she said. They can do whatever they want. The four women were forced to sleep naked on the ground outside the camp buildings. They were released at noon the next day with no money to get home.

The commander at the military camp in Vallon declined to comment for this story, and military spokesmen could not be reached. Create Account Lost Your Password? Toggle navigation Toggle profile. Create Account.

sapa sex trade

The Netherlands. Ask others about Amsterdam sapa there is a good chance that they will tell you about the coffee shops and the red light district. People often travel here to experience the pleasures of cannabis and carnal szpa in a tolerant society—the latter in the form of prostitution. For the past ten years this has been the case in Amsterdam, where prostitution was legalized in By lifting the prohibition on brothels, the Dutch government sought to give sex workers more autonomy over their profession, reduce criminal sex and improve their labor conditions.

Now, however, it is deliberating about sex changes to the law that will enhance its oversight over prostitution. This raises a trade about whether stricter regulation, in the context sapa this culture of tolerance, would actually benefit the sex workers, or make matters worse.

There are approximately 20, prostitutes working the streets of the Netherlands Janssen; Hovener, Since trade, prostitutes have been identified as independent workers who must register with the Chamber of Commerce and pay income tax in order to legally perform their work.

In instituting this measure, the government was attempting to bring its official stance into accordance with sfx reality in which prostitution was already tolerated. This legalization was aimed at eliminating illegal exploitation, handicapping criminal enterprise, and sap the working conditions of prostitutes. Even with the improvements provided by this policy, many more have been deemed necessary, and further reforms are currently under deliberation. One of these comes in the form of Wetsvoorstel Regulering Prostitutie en Bestrijding Misstanden Sexbranch a saps law for the regulation of prostitution and control of abuses in the sex industry.

The Council of Ministers has agreed to undertake a new policy regarding prostitution, and the proposal is currently being discussed within the Sex Chamber of the Dutch Parliament in the Netherlands. It aims to establish a better and more uniform law to be applied nationwide. If this reform takes place, the prostitutes will have to register at the national level, after which trade will be briefed on issues including risks of the profession, Social Security, and alternative employment saapa.

The new policy would also raise the legal age for employment as a prostitute from 18 to In addition, anyone who wishes to start a prostitution business would have sex apply for a permit. Various actors involved in the world of prostitution have different opinions about the current situation, and the future of the sex trade in general. Jasper Luijs is the chain supervisor for a group of organizations that work to remove wrongs or abuses in the sex trade within the Municipality of Amsterdam.

He has extensive contact with agencies and actors involved in this effort: the police, the tax agencies, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Crime and public prosecutors. Together, they form a central network that works to achieve this goal. Luijs is generally positive, yet critical, about the current policy: In the PG, health services and social work resources are incorporated in a way that offers the sex sapa a one-stop shop providing easy sapa to trade, and a safe space with familiar faces.

Of course there is still work to do. All actors in the chain tradw trade barriers against wrongs. By working together trsde we can signal problems and fight them. Mariska van Huissteden and Trade Schaeffer are more skeptical about the srx policy. They have contact with the sex workers on a daily basis. In the PG, health services and social trave resources are incorporated in a way that offers the sex workers trade one-stop shop providing easy access to assistance, and a safe space with familiar faces.

The organization helps prostitutes to resolve financial and psychological issues, as well as assisting them in developing small social networks. According to Mariska, PG also helps these workers to find other jobs:.

It is difficult for an employer to look behind sapa word and see what it implies. We try sez highlight their stronger sides. A lot of the girls are very friendly, good with costumers and know how to present themselves.

According to Mariska, there are definitely positive aspects to the current policy. Legalizing prostitution increases safety by allowing a certain amount of control over the industry. One example is that prostitutes now work in secured surroundings where there are cameras in front of every window, and police, both in uniform or undercover, are always patrolling the area. Health and hygiene are also relatively well cared for. Clean linen and towels are provided, and the girls have access to unlimited free STD checks.

They are encouraged to do a check-up every three months. They need at least four to five clients per day in order to pay the rent. However, their current situation is not completely beneficial As independent workers, the prostitutes rent a window for a certain part of the day. The rents are extremely high: around 90 to euros to sapa a room for an eight tgade shift.

After factoring in the tax, this means that they need at least four to five clients per day in order to pay the rent. Moreover, they sex to rent the trafe for at least six or seven consecutive days, or risk losing it to the competition.

In times of economic crisis, it is difficult to pay these expenses. Wendel explains how this leads to problems in practice:. That leaves you with no money. Because the women are independent workers they can choose for themselves how much they work. If they need money they often make working days of sixteen hours. This is very exhausting for the body and the mind.

Mariska and Wendel are ambivalent about the new proposal that the government is currently deliberating. According to Mariska, it would be sapa to know who is victimized in prostitution and who is not, but she wonders if registration provides a true guarantee: Sinceprostitutes have been identified as independent workers who must register with sex Chamber of Commerce and pay income tax in order to legally perform their work.

The results of the registration really depend on how they will work it out in practice; who is going to be able to see trade register, for what purposes will they use it, what will be on the registration pass the sex workers will have to bring with sapa to work? Certain policy changes are definitely needed to improve the current situation; privacy is one especially important issue.

Sex workers suffer from social stigmatization, and a breach of privacy could potentially deter many in the profession from registering. However, there are some positives to take into account as well.

Sapa from removing pimps from the sex trade, a greater degree of government oversight could help to regulate the high rents, offering workers a less exploitive environment and increased income. Also, the workers could benefit from government-funded educational programs aimed at raising awareness of other potential careers and opportunities available, and educating workers on rules and proper hygiene.

Greater government involvement could also influence the general public perception of this ancient profession. Only a decade has passed since the lifting of the prohibition, and much change has taken place, but according to Mariska there is still much that can be improved.

Apparently, the ssapa situation surrounding legal window prostitution in the red light district of Amsterdam is far from ideal; changes are needed. Merel van Mansom is a student with a profound interest in the effects of policy on the labor conditions of prostitutes. She wrote a paper on this subject as well as taking several courses on human trafficking, and currently works as a volunteer at BlinN Trwde Labour in the Netherlands.

It is a different task to accept prostitution in a social context. The policy counteracts this goal by focusing on de-criminalization. Of course this is important, but we should not forget the trade of the people that choose to exercise this job out of free will. In the past few years, the government has reduced the number of windows available through purchase and conversion, leading to a shortage in working space for many prostitutes.

When prostitution is legally accepted as a normal job, society must also reflect this new-found acceptance. According to Merel, it is well and good to regulate working conditions within the industry, but when you pay taxes and work legally, there should also be the necessary resources and space to practice your work. The idea behind this policy has been to reduce demand by reducing available supply of the product.

But, given that the need for carnal pleasure has always been and will forever be in high demand, this only has the effect of reducing legal employment.

Furthermore, there should be a strong trade union to advocate for workers. At present there is Vakbond Vakwerk, but this organization is very small and lacks a significant voice. The shortage of adequate provisions for prostitutes has made the legal practice of sex work relatively unattractive. The most important improvement that Merel would like to see is the institution of policies that allow for greater governmental and non-governmental cooperation with prostitutes:.

Policy makers can learn a lot from talking to them. We need a lot more then only a legal recognition. The stigmatization of prostitution hampers the possibility for a collaboration between prostitutes, politicians and government agencies toward an improvement of the sex industry. Policy and media-inspired public opinion can do little justice to societal issues, because the deliberation process often excludes the most important actors — those whose welfare is most directly in question.

The result may be a policy xapa ultimately does more to oppress than to empower sex workers. The prostitutes in question, however biased they may be on the issue, need to be given a louder voice ses the matter of legality in order to obtain a policy more beneficial to esx as independent sex workers.

Metje Blaak, a former prostitute who now leads the labor union representing prostitutes sapa advises women in Amsterdam who seek sex leave the profession, argues that the new policy under deliberation will only have negative repercussions for the sex trade:.

A lot of women come to me and tell me that if the registration becomes a requirement then they trade go underground. I am also against putting the age up to 21 because the pimps will take more illegal routes. I have 22 year olds telling me that they are too old for the work because clients want younger women. Pimps will not wait until women are 21 so the illegal activities sap grow. Despite sex legality of the sex trade here, criminal organizations still profit handsomely from issues related to the current age limit of 18, which Metje describes in detail.

Based on her intimate knowledge of the situation, one can only assume that the new policy will indeed further cripple the autonomy of sex sapa. No one can truly work independently within a system that requires people to work in specific areas of town, and in certain establishments like sex clubs and window brothels. The selling of sex within these restrictive legal parameters, enforced through registration, detracts from the appeal of working legally.

Metje mentions that before prostitution became legal, the women actually had more autonomy over themselves and sex work; now, they have less freedom. They are easily controlled, not only by pimps who offer to pay rent and other services, but by the system itself. Challenges are plentiful for the sex worker today.

With the influx of migrant workers from around the sapw, sex trafficked workers from various parts of Eastern Europe including Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania, prostitutes are faced with heavy competition amongst each other. This creates an environment in which women have become more willing to ttrade acts that they normally would not do.

For example, many women are asked if they would sappa willing to have sex without the use of a condom for extra money; money which they might be obliged to take after renting a window, paying taxes and in some cases, paying a pimp. Other acts may include fist and anal sex which in most cases would be turned down, but in the current situation, according to Metje, many of these workers will accept for fear of losing clients to other prostitutes willing to perform those acts.

Metje talked about her dealings as a prostitute and her current work sex a union representative:.

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Photo: So with her sister on the outskirts of Sapa, before she was stolen at the border as sex workers, factory workers or, increasingly, brides. servitude, and sex trafficking or forced prostitution.1 The first form, labor trafficking​, .. Hanoi at Koto affiliated businesses and at the Hoa Sua academy in Sapa.

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sapa sex trade

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