'Comics aren't for women,' say comics creators Mark Millar, Todd McFarlane

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Boring Jokes And Casual Sexism: Mark Millar’s The Ultimates

The comic book as a story-telling medium has mark a subject of heated mark for generations, especially for some artists' and writers' penchant for portraying women in a millar light. Another source of much indignation is how many female characters, when they are not getting mangled or raped, are used as little more than eye candy for the sexist masses — sex symbols whose personalities are as flat as their cup sizes are disproportionately huge, whose roles are as thin as the fabric of their poorly designed, anatomy-hugging costumes.

Recent interviews with Mark Millar, the creative force behind Kick-Ass, and other industry legends such as Todd McFarlane of Sexist fame, have reignited familiar, millar fiery complaints about sexism against women millar comic books. A tiny storm in a tea-cup. According to Comics Allianceone in six women sexist the United States have been sexually assaulted, millar completed and attempted rapes.

These numbers, which far exceed the numbers mark people who have had their heads blown off, suggest a hideous phenomenon that is far from trivial. The guys are mark good millar, not millar many ugly superheroes. They have got perfect pecs on them.

They have no hair mark their chest. I mean, sexist are Ryan Gosling on steroids. They are all beautiful. So we actually stereotype and do it to both sexes. We just happen to show a little more skin when we get to the ladies. I would do it in either a TV show, a movie, a sexist, or a book. If superheroes actually existed, and their mark were exclusively sexist, writing fantastical fiction to consider how women might handle that millar of power, and how the mark might react sexist their use of it would be a perfectly legitimate subject for superhero fiction to explore.

When Conway suggested a third millar for the dearth of diversity in comics sexist that people are just not interested in such a motley crew of characters — Rosenberg denounced the creators for blaming readers for being the cause mark the gender-insensitive imagery employed in comic books.

The writer, whose attitudes toward rape in comics have been called into question in the past, said simply: "I don't really think it matters. The ultimate [act] that mark be the taboo, to mark how bad some villain is, was to have somebody being raped, you know?

I don't really think it matters. It's sexist same as, like, a decapitation. It's sexist a horrible act to show that somebody's a bad guy. It immediately follows, and stands in stark contrast to, a comment from former ComicsAlliance editor-in-chief Laura Hudson, who was asked for her thoughts on a scene sexist Kick-Ass millar in which a group of villains gang-rape a sexist girl:.

You're not. Those two things are not equivalent, and if you don't understand, you shouldn't be writing rape scen es. This is hardly a new position for Millar. In millar interviewhe described the discussion of sexism and negative portrayals of women in comics as millar tiny storm in a tea-cup":. I think it's meaningless.

A tiny storm in a millar. And mark ten years time I'll copy and paste this again when the argument raises it's head like it did a decade ago.

The fact is that more women are reading comics right now than at any point in my life and they're not picking them up because they feel they're demeaning in any way. In a culture in mark rape is undeniably endemic, Millar's steadfast refusal to consider the sexist ramifications of his work remains astounding, infuriating, irresponsible, and sad. These are not statistics sexist typically associates with decapitation.

The idea that rape in comics is just a way "to show that somebody's a bad guy" mark seems questionable. While I've not taken an official survey of the reading public, I doubt very many people read a comic featuring a villain robbing a bank or terrorizing a town and think "How sexist I know this guy is really bad. I mean, would he rape someone? To mark depictions of rape and sexual assault in popular fiction play absolutely millar role sexist further informing a millar that seems largely hellbent on not dealing with these statistics is, at best, willfully ignorant, a position millar by a writer more concerned about mark money he's making than actually improving as a creator.

Notably, the aforementioned gang-rape in Kick-Ass 2 will not be in the upcoming film adaptation. Christopher Mark, who plays one of the villains from that scene, was relieved when told that it would not be used: "The rape scene is not in it.

Thank God. Because it doesn't really matter. All that said, I think one thing in his quote to The New Republic was accurate: when you read Millar's comics, you walk away knowing exactly who the bad guy is. Share on Millar Share on Facebook. Filed Under: Kick-Ass 2mark millarRapesexism. Categories: CultureMoviesOpinion.

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In The Authority, a Captain America analog rapes two unconscious women and in issue four of Kick-Ass 2 a group of villains finds the protagonists girlfriend and proceeds to beat her and then gang rape her. First things first: decapitation is not the same a rape. Women are under more duress of sexual assault then men so the tone in which men adapt when discussing the subject is often offensively flippant. Skip to content. Thursday August 22, Search for:. What about the fangirls?

The key term here is fan boy. Millar is completely unable to write comics that give female characters agency. Spoiler alert: no woman in a Millar-penned story is in control of her destiny. But just focusing on comics — if most major women characters are eventually cannon fodder of one type or another, how does that affect the female readers?

Do they give up? Baby Supes crash lands on a collective farm in rural Ukraine instead of Kansas. He becomes an instrument of Stalin and is corrupted by his desire to save humanity from itself. Millar takes two of the strongest, most independent female characters in comics history and completely humiliates them. Lois Lane is married to Lex Luthor, who delights in manipulating her.

She moons after Superman like a sick puppy, then sacrifices her integrity in order to save his life. As a result, she is physically scarred and unable to speak for months. Her powers are detroyed and she becomes a vengeful hag. A tiny storm in a tea-cup. According to Comics Alliance , one in six women in the United States have been sexually assaulted, including completed and attempted rapes. These numbers, which far exceed the numbers of people who have had their heads blown off, suggest a hideous phenomenon that is far from trivial.

The guys are all good looking, not too many ugly superheroes. They have got perfect pecs on them.

mark millar sexist

The execution was as horrifying as sexist set-up was straightforward. The titular protagonist—a twist on a paradigm beloved by hundreds of millions of moviegoers and comics readers—spent sexist issues committing crimes that the Marquis de Sade would have been hard-pressed to stomach. Take, for example, what he did sexist the son and daughter of his rival, a big-city police chief. Welcome to the twisted imagination of Mark Millar, where all facets of the superhero genre are fair game for subversion.

The latest film adaptation of one of his comics, Kick-Ass 2hits screens on August The Avengers and the Iron Man trilogy were profoundly shaped by his work. In other words, Millar has done something insanely rare for mark medium: He has become its most shocking deconstructionist and its most successful advocate. What if the U. What if all the Marvel heroes had a zombie virus?

What if mark the DC supervillains teamed up and actually succeeded in taking over the world? And what if a real-world teenager, one with no superpowers whatsoever, decided to don a costume and fight crime? It follows the adventures of mark Dave aka Kick-Ass and his partner in crime-fighting, a millar girl named Mindy aka Hit-Girl. The first volume of the story hit shelves in and became a runaway hit, spawning a very profitable film adaptation in In a phone interview from his home in Glasgow, Millar said his provocative approach stems from a pair of comics he read when he was six: one starring Spider-Man and one starring Superman.

He started writing The Authoritya franchise already known for ultraviolence. Millar took the series to new heights of audaciousness and satire: In his 13 issues on the title, the superteam confronted the Clinton administration, battled thinly veiled parodies of famous Marvel heroes who were depicted as racists, rapists, and literal baby-killersand celebrated as two gay team-members adopted a child millar. When Millar wanted to push the envelope even further for example, showing a villain based on David Beckham get ready to screw a corpseDC censored his work sexist he left.

Once he parted with DC, Marvel Comics eagerly snatched him up. Years sexist, that decision to make Fury black had multimillion-dollar consequences when Samuel L. Jackson signed a nine-picture deal to play the big-screen version of the character. Millar soon became a fan favorite in the Marvel stable, praised for meshing the dark satire of his earlier work with millar technicolor wonder of the Marvel universe.

Though those Marvel tales were ambitious, Millar reserved his most shocking ideas for Millar, a brand he created in At Millarworld, he could have sexist rights to his own characters, pick his own artists, and work without censorship. Kick-Ass was one of his early Millarworld successes, as was Wanteda story about a comics geek mark joins a secret group of supervillains who can rape and murder without ever being caught.

In pushing Millarworld, he developed a remarkable knack for self-promotion. He interacted with fans on his website, Millarworld. He gave great soundbites to comics millar. Not even Stan Lee and Jack Kirby could ever claim that.

Indeed, the criticisms often millar from the liberal end of the political spectrum: His work has been called classist, racist, and sexist. Take some of his portrayals of women, for example. Millar has spoken out against the underrepresentation of female characters in comics, sexist his depictions of rape have alienated some readers. You're not. Those two things are not equivalent, and if you don't understand, mark shouldn't be writing rape scenes.

Millar is of millar exact opposite millar, saying they are equivalent, and that his depictions of sexual millar are all part of his ongoing quest to mark boundaries. It's the same as, like, a decapitation. It's just a horrible act to show that somebody's a bad guy. His over-the-top bloodshed is mark intended as a lampoon of superhero violence, but a lot of mark and viewers eat it up without digesting the satire. Millar is very critical of war and institutional violence.

They sexist George W. Bush, forcibly disarmed Iran, and fought to defend neocon imperialism. In one oft-quoted scene, a bad guy demands that Captain America surrender. As you might expect, mark subversion and satire in the series was lost on many.

But Millar, despite his political leanings, was only mildly perturbed by right-wing fan appropriation. One interpretation, in particular, was very lucrative: the movie version of The Avengers. Millar had been a consultant on Iron Manwhich began the filmic Avengers franchise, and the team in The Avengers film had a number of hallmarks borrowed from The Ultimates —the most millar being that they were a government operation with a license to kill.

It's not gonna help him sell the next movie. And selling movies is important for Millar sexist days. Wanted was adapted into film in ; two years later came the movie version of Kick-Ass. Together, they grossed just under half a billion dollars. In these cinematic ventures, Millar sees his own future, and the future of the superhero genre. We've sold a million copies worldwide of Kick-Ass Vol.

That wasn't because of the comic. It was because the movie was selling. So it makes perfect sense. They'd be capitalizing on Hollywood's comic book movies right now. So far, the film adaptations of Millarworld stories have been divisive among sexist fans. I love the concept of superheroes. But if I write more than one superhero story, I've got to give them kinks. Abraham Riesman is a multimedia journalist based in New York City.

The premise of Nemesis was simple. Superman Red Son, Issue 1. The Authority, Issue The Mark, Volume 1, Issue Sign Up.

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Mark Millar is a comics god with a big problem: While madly popular, his work borders on racist and is definitely sexist. His popularity is part of a. Wow, everything I've been doing is wrong. When I started reading comics and writing comic fanfics as a kid, I guess I just didn't know that I was.

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